Man Setting Up A Smoke Alarm

We Offer A Range Fire Protection Services

Armidale Fire and Safety specialise in a wide range of fire safety services all designed to keep you safe and fire safety compliant.

With qualified and trained fire safety technicians we can guarantee that your fire detector and alarm systems are operational and your fire extinguishers are functioning. As a certified fire safety practitioner, we will ensure your building maintains a fire safety compliance. We will make sure your building complies with the relevant codes and Australian Standards. We are certified to complete your Annual Fire Safety Statements.

As safety and fire experts, we also provide security services, to keep your property safe. Our alarm monitoring and detection systems combined with our 24/7 mobile patrol officers, keep you sleeping safely at night. Our mobile patrol offers day or night patrols, staff escorts, alarm checks and more. Visit our AFS Security website or contact our team for more info.

Armidale Fire & Safety can provide training sessions to suit your workplace and organisations. We offer First Attack Fire Training and Fire Warden Training Sessions to ensure your workplace or organisation retains the Australian Standards.