Fire Extinguisher Service, Refilling, Inspection & Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Service, Refilling, Inspection & Maintenance

Extinguishers Have To Be Inspected Every Six Months.

Armidale Fire & Safety can provide qualified service technicians to inspect, refill or replace your fire extinguishers and fire equipment.

In accordance with Australian Standard AS1851 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Fire Equipment, all extinguishers have to be inspected every six months. Fire Extinguishers need to be emptied, pressure tested and refilled every five years. Depending on the type of fire extinguisher, other servicing requirements may be required every 3 to 5 years. Armidale Fire and Safety technicians are certified for a wide range of fire extinguisher servicing requirements.

When an extinguisher has been serviced, a numerical code indicating the type of service performed will be stamped on the yellow metal tag that is attached to the extinguisher. Provided that the visual inspection of the extinguisher shows that it is in a serviceable condition, no other work is required. Fire Extinguishers must be refilled even if only partially discharged.

Armidale Fire & Safety service technicians will at all time identify themselves to a member of staff or person responsible for building security, before proceeding to undertake a fire extinguisher service.


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