Fire Safety & Fire Warden Training

Fire Safety & Fire Warden Training

Ask for Fire Safety and Warden Training in your Workplace

Armidale Fire & Safety can provide First Attack Fire Training and Fire Warden Training sessions tailored to suit individual workplaces and organisations.

Armidale First Attack Fire Evacuation Training sessions run for 1 hour and include an outline of fire protection equipment and their application in the workplace. During the session, there is a practical demonstration of fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Our First Attack. Fire and Safety training Sessions provide the knowledge and skills to identify the type and source of fire, to respond with the appropriate fire extinguisher and to demonstrate safe Fire Response practices. Emergencies can happen at any moment, our First Attack Fire Training will ensure your employees are ready and equipped for unexpected emergencies.

Fire warden training sessions run for 2 hours, the session includes the topics covered by First Attack Fire Training and also outlines the duties and responsibilities of a fire warden in accordance with Australian Standards. Our Fire Warden Training will equip your buildings Fire Warden with the skills and knowledge required to implement your workplace emergency response procedures.

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