Fire Alarm System Servicing

Fire Alarm System Servicing

Armidale Fire and Safety are your one stop service agency for fire alarms and fire prevention systems in the New England region.

Fire alarm system servicing is an integral part of keeping your business safe from the risk of fire. Your fire alarm system will quickly notify building occupants of danger, allow for prompt evacuation and minimise the risk to your staff. They are the most important safety feature when it comes to fire safety and protection, and require regular maintenance to ensure they remain functional and up to standard. Having a fire alarm system installed is only one part of the equation, without regular testing and maintenance they can become a false sense of security.

Whether you need a new fire alarm system installed, or you require your current system to be checked and serviced, Armidale Fire and Safety are ready to help. Our experienced team of service technicians can make sure your premises are fully protected by serviced, high-quality fire systems.

Our years of installing and servicing fire alarm systems across the area have meant our knowledge and experience is second to none. AFS specialises in the installation and servicing of all fire safety equipment such as:

Fire Alarm System Installation Services

An incorrectly installed fire alarm system can be a dangerous waste of money. Don’t take any risks when it comes to the safety of you and staff. Armidale Fire and Safety guarantee to install all fire alarm and fire safety systems to the national standard. Our experienced service agents will ensure all systems are correctly installed and functioning.

Fire Alarm Inspection and Repair

Regular inspection of fire alarms is necessary to ensure they are functioning correctly and providing adequate safety. This applies to all fire alarm systems for commercial and residential properties.

Don’t get caught out by a malfunction alarm unit. Ask one of our experienced staff to inspect and repair your fire alarm systems today. We can:

  • Test units for operational requirements
  • Repair any damage to malfunctioning units
  • Install replacements units when possible
  • Test heat detectors, safety lighting and sprinkler systems
  • Test and tag all portable fire extinguishers

Armidale fire and Safety is a proudly local business, offering fire system servicing in the entire New England and North West region including Armidale, Inverell, Glen Innes, Guyra, Tenterfield, Tamworth, Quirindi, Narrabri, Gunnedah, and Moree.

Contact us today to find out how we can service all your fire alarm system needs!

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